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As a business owner or operator, it is critical to rank at the top of the page organically on the search engines when a potential customer is looking for products or services offered. For those who have already discovered that it isn’t something they want to attempt to figure out how to do on their own or are not able to hire a full-time person to do this, it could be time to turn this over to the professionals. There are many options out there and it seems like anyone with a laptop claims to offer SEO services. When the time comes to decide, be strategic when choosing a provider.

Importance of Reviews

Reviews are the word of mouth of the internet. Almost 9 out of 10 consumers consider an online review to be just as important as a personal recommendation from someone they know. Reviews are how any business keeps control of its online reputation. Consider increased sales because potential customers are given information they need to plan. Also, online reviews give a better understanding of customers. This is a report card that can tell what is being done great and which areas can be improved on. On that same note, reviews allow one to quickly resolve any issues making for a positive experience.

While better customer relationships are a big part of online reviews, a critical factor is how these reviews play in improving rankings online when using search engines. So, in the eyes of Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others, the more reviews and information that is written about a business online, the more important the business is in the eyes of the search engines. Even the words used in online reviews which hopefully mention products or services are actually keywords that help bring the website up in search results.

What Posirank Clients are Saying

Take the time to visit Posirank.com and see what satisfied agencies, CMO’s and marketing directors, SEO professionals & consultants as well as small and medium size businesses are using the services for. Whether the concern is value, ease of use or results, find reassurance here that this is the SEO service for you.

When weighing out different factors to decide on a SEO company, keep reviews at the top of your mind. Not only the reviews of the companies being considered, but also how reviews will be a critical piece of your SEO puzzle.

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